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Pediatric Jeopardy Instructions


Donna D'Alessandro, M.D., Dan Ellsbury, M.D., Tim Starner, M.D.
Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed
First Published: September 2000
Last Revised: September 2000

A Request:
The Pediatric Jeopardy program was developed by Dr. Tim Starner while he was a resident at The University of Iowa; the goal was to make this educational activity more fun and memorable. It was never designed for the mass market. It is being offered for your use, and it comes with no guarantees. Therefore, USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. We cannot offer technical support for it.

Respectfully yours,
Donna D'Alessandro, M.D.
Dan Ellsbury, M.D.
Tim Starner, M.D.
Children's Hospital of Iowa
September 2000

General Information:
Pediatric Jeopardy uses Microsoft Powerpoint 98 as its software, so you will need to have a copy of it on your computer, and you will need to be familiar with its features. Powerpoint offers online help for its features or there's an Office Assistant in the upper right corner.

There is a demonstration game (JeopDemo.ppt) and an actual game that you can use as an example (FinalJeop.ppt). The Jeopardy Theme song can be found at:

Note: Pediatric Jeopardy was developed on a Macintosh computer but was always played using a PC laptop. We did not encounter problems when transferring between platforms.

For Game Creation:
It is fairly easy to edit the demonstration game.

  1. Make a duplicate copy of the demonstration game, by moving the cursor over the JeopDemo.ppt icon and double clicking. This should open Powerpoint and the demonstration game. Under the File menu, choose "Save As". You will be prompted to give your new game a title. Make sure you are working on your new game and NOT the demonstration game.
  2. Go to slide 1 of your new game in the "slide view" mode. This should look like a Game Board with colored buttons.
  3. Edit the Column Title Headers &emdash; move the cursor over the colored title and click. The title should be highlighted by a small grey box around the colored title. Type your new title.
  4. Go to slide 2. You should see "Enter Question Here?", "Enter Possible Answers" and "Enter Correct Answer". Type in your new question, possible answers and correct answer. Go to slide 3. Do the same. Go to slide 4, etc.
  5. Edit the Teams and Rules information by going to slides 32-33 - type in your new information following the example. If you do not want this information, simply delete the example information. Note: We have found it helpful to show this information at the beginning of each game so everyone knows the rules.
  6. Edit the "Big" Questions (e.g. Tie Breaker, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy) by going to slides 35-37. Type in your new questions following the examples.

To Play Pediatric Jeopardy:

  1. Pediatric Jeopardy is played like the game show on television. The exact rules you use are up to you.
  2. Begin "Slide Show" (under slide show, click on "view show") &emdash; this will show the Game Board.
  3. To select a question, move the cursor over the appropriate point amount (colored buttons) on the Game Board and click. The appropriate point value should be revealed.
  4. To show the question, push the return key . Only the question should be revealed.
  5. To show the possible answers after revealing the question - push the return key once again to reveal one possible answer. i.e. push the return key once and possible answer A will be revealed, push the return key again and possible answer B will be revealed, continue likewise until possible answers C and D are revealed.
  6. To show the correct answer after all the possible answers are revealed &emdash; push the return key again and the correct answer will be revealed.
  7. To return to the Game Board after the question has been answered &emdash; move the cursor over the "Return to main screen" button on the screen and click. This will return you to the main game board. Note: if you push the return key again after all of the possible answers and the correct question have been revealed, you will move to the next question and its point amount will be shown only. If this happens, do not panic. Simply move the cursor over the "Return to main screen" button on the screen and click. You will be taken back to the Game Board
  8. To end the game, click on the triangle in the lower left corner and click on "end show."
  9. The Jeopardy Theme song can be found at:

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