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Virtual Pediatric Hospital: Thoracopaedia: An Imaging Encyclopedia of Pediatric Thoracic Disease: Thoracopaedia: An Imaging Encyclopedia of Pediatric Thoracic Disease

Introduction and Educational Objectives

Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D.
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Learning is an apprenticeship. There is a growing body of literature that documents that the medical apprentice learns by listening to patient stories, analyzing them, and storing them in an organized fashion. When seeing a new patient, the medical apprentice "pattern matches" the new story to the old stories in their memory, and arrives at a diagnosis. An expert is one who has heard a large number of stories, and has an effective way to organize and retrieve them.

Educational Objectives for Thoracopaedia
Thoracic diseases are common clinical problems in children, and often require the use of imaging in order to diagnose and aid in the treatment of the problem.

The goal of Thoracopaedia is to create for the medical apprentice a collection of patient stories in which imaging plays a key role in diagnosing and managing thoracic diseases in children. By reviewing these stories, it is hoped the medical apprentice will be able to add them to their memory and be able to recall them when needed in the future to aid in their diagnosis and treatment of patients.

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