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Virtual Pediatric Hospital: Paediapaedia: Introduction and Educational Objectives Paediapaedia: Introduction

Introduction and Educational Objectives

Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D.
Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed

Paediapaedia is aimed at the radiology resident learning pediatric radiology for the first time, the pediatric radiology fellow mastering pediatric radiology for the first time, and for the general radiologist who does a small amount of pediatric imaging on a daily basis. Paediapaedia is meant to be a handbook of pediatric radiology. It is designed to let you get at the information you need easily and rapidly. It is meant to put the information you need most often at your fingertips. This will allow you to perform "just in time learning" - learning which is performed at the time you need it during the patient encounter. Paediapaedia is not meant to be a definitive reference of pediatric radiology. For that purpose, I direct you to Dr. Kirks' and Dr. Caffey's excellent textbooks.

The majority of the information in this book is derived from the wonderful instruction I had from the faculty at Children's Hospital Boston. Specifically:

The information on the 300 most common pediatric diseases is derived from a variety of sources, listed in the references.

The list of common pediatric clinical presentations, their differential diagnosis and their imaging workup is derived from my daily and on call work during my fellowship at Children's Hospital Boston. These are the sorts of clinical problems I have been consulted on to help solve on a regular basis, and should be representative of what is seen in an average children's hospital in the 1990's. I have tried to show a general imaging approach to these common clinical presentations. I include the differential diagnoses within this section because I believe a differential is most useful when placed in a clinical context.

The information in the imaging procedures section is a formalized description of how procedures were performed at Children's Hospital Boston circa 1993-1995. The information comes primarily from the following individuals: Ultrasound - Jane C. Share, M.D.; GI - Carlo Buonomo, M.D.; GU - Robert L. Lebowitz, M.D.; Orthopedics - Diego Jaramillo, M.D.; Neonates - Robert H. Cleveland, M.D.; Chest - N. Thorne Griscom, M.D.; Interventional - Fred A. Hoffer, M.D.; Cardiac - Valerie Mandell, M.D.; Neuro - Patrick D. Barnes, M.D.; and Nuclear Medicine - S. Ted Treves, M.D.

I hope you find Paediapaedia of use to you in your daily care of our children.

Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D.

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